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Gresam Company Ltd. is part of GRESAM Group of Companies, involved in different business sectors. The very first companies were initially founded in Lebanon and Vienna back in 1954. 

Gresam Company Ltd, established in 1986, and certified ISO 9001:2008, is specialized in Acoustic and Vibration Engineering Solutions, Products, Systems, and Applications.

For more than twenty five years, Gresam has been actively involved in the reconstruction of Lebanon, and has proven to be one of the fastest growing, and highly professional suppliers of noise, vibration, and seismic control products and solutions in Lebanon and the Middle East. 

Gresam provides a complete line of Architectural acoustics, soundproofing, noise control products, systems and solutions.

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Latest News

Prinecess Noura University
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Treatment of 16 musical rooms and 2 theaters at Prinecess Noura University with Vibrasto sound absorption panels in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia