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Wood wool panels

Wood wool panels

Wood, water and magnesite are the principal components of HERADESIGN® acoustic panels so they have a completely neutral biological footprint. HERADESIGN®’s magnesite bonded wood wool panels are natural products and so ideal for modern lifestyles. HERADESIGN® acoustic panels can last more than 80 years in buildings. 

Thanks to their outstanding sound absorption, as well as the use of sustainable materials and technologies, the HERADESIGN® acoustic solutions make a major contribution to the improvement of the ambience of a room. They increase well-being and, as a result, improve concentration, efficiency and performance.

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Gresam works with you to plan the most effective sound and noise control treatment for your specific applications. With the wide variety of acoustical products available, it is critically important to choose the right products for your facility and your budget.

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