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Environmental Acoustics

Environmental noise pollution is a problem that is being addressed with increasing seriousness in many countries. 
An environmental noise assessment is normally mandatory during the design process where a new development is to be located in close proximity to the below noise sources:
Mechanical plant and equipment.
Loading and unloading activities.
road traffic
Outdoor activities as music entertainment.
Rail ways, aircraft.
All government issued a decree based on area situation where it limits the allowed noise level during the day and nights. The adequate solution for rating the insulation for a new construction elements is to perform an outdoor noise measurement near the site to be developed and use the outcome for acoustic design.
Our team are well experienced in the prediction, measurement and assessment of a wide range of environmental noise. Thank you for our 2&3D modelling noise simulation software which are able to foresee the impact of the outdoor environmental noise to the indoor and outdoor situations ranging from a simple location where HVAC system are installed, as well they are ready to perform a noise mapping for an entire urban area.
Our team will design and propose a cost effective solution in order to achieve an acceptable noise level for outdoor and indoor critical situations. Our consultancy will cover a wide range of recommendations for the building layout, building envelop as glazing facades and outer boundaries to achieve the required criteria internally; as well they recommend acoustic barriers, enclosures, louvers in order to achieve an acceptable noise level for outdoor spaces.   

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Gresam works with you to plan the most effective sound and noise control treatment for your specific applications. With the wide variety of acoustical products available, it is critically important to choose the right products for your facility and your budget.

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