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The positive effect of good acoustics, and the challenges that face teachers and students in reverberant, noisy classrooms have been extensively studied. Teachers and parents have long known showing that a good acoustic environment supports high quality learning. 

Classroom acoustic standards: A number of regulations and guidance apply to acoustic standards, and projects to refurbish classrooms and teaching spaces that provide for children with special educational needs should take these into account. Within the UK the acoustic standards are set by Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) and similar standards are in development in the Republic of Ireland.  Our free whitepaper breaks down the relevant legislation and key metrics.

We’re passionate about improving classroom acoustics. If you would like to discuss the acoustics in your school, or have a particular acoustic challenge, please contact us using the form below. Our advice is provided with no obligation, and we will never share your data.

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Gresam works with you to plan the most effective sound and noise control treatment for your specific applications. With the wide variety of acoustical products available, it is critically important to choose the right products for your facility and your budget.

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