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Solutions and Applications

Sylomer-Polyurethane Elastomer Isolation Mounts

Gresam has the leading materials for vibration isolation. Sylomer® is one of the leading materials in the vibration isolation market. Sylomer® ensures that rooms affected by vibration are pleasant to use. Ten different types of Sylomer® are available as standard – as well as our special type Sylomer® Fire-retardant. The properties of the material can also be modified in order to meet specific requirements. Sylomer is the adequate solution to isolate the mid to high frequency vibrations generated in the environment or from mechanical equipment. Low frequency can be treated also by increasing the thickness of the materials.

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Gresam works with you to plan the most effective sound and noise control treatment for your specific applications. With the wide variety of acoustical products available, it is critically important to choose the right products for your facility and your budget.

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