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Sound Barriers

Once the outdoor noise sources as an MEP area including chillers, cooling towers and other electromechanical equipment or an outdoor area for sports or musical events are identified and measured, the next step is to attenuate the noise. The purpose of attenuation is to attenuate or divert the amount of sound energy reaching the receiver or the closest neighbors. Our aim is to apply noise simulation from the source area towards the neighborhood or receiver locations and select a noise barrier solution where it balance between the cost and efficiency.
Barriers are free-standing walls or structures intended to block the line of sight between the source and receiver. 
Gresam supply an imported acoustic barrier components, in addition it can provide local manufactured barrier with a dual function of high transmission loss ranging from 33 to 40 dB(A) and highly absorptive components where the noise reduction coefficient can range from 0.7 to 0.9     
Indeed a barrier can be considered as a partial enclosure when it installed in different positions as two-sided, three-sided with a roof, four-sided without a roof, and so on.  
Barriers and partial enclosures can be cost effective noise reducers, attenuating noise levels by up to 20 dB and even more according to the receiver location and geometrical position to the source area.

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