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SYLOMER Polyurethane Elastomeric Mounts

Sylomer® and Sylodyn®,  are a special PUR  elastomer  manufactured  by Getzner Werkstoffe which features a High-tech cellular , compact form and is used in a wide range of applications in the construction and mechanical engineering  industries.  In  most  cases  Sylomer  is  used  as  a compression-loaded elastic support element.

Sylomer and sylydon, as an elastic support under all kinds of mechanical equipments , are used for the most effective isolation against  Vibration and structure borne noise.

The characteristics of the elastic support can be adjusted to the structure, construction method and load requirements by selecting the specific type of Sylomer, the load bearing area and thickness. Sylomer  materials  are  available  as  a  continuous  roll  and  are particularly well suited as flat, elastic layers.

The materials available cover a density range from 150kg/m3 to1000kg/m3, sustaining a load of 0.011N/mm2 up to 2.5 N/mm2. Frequencies of 6.0 to 12 Hz are obtained with Sylomer® or Sylodyn  and isolations of 30/35 dB can be reached by way of the structure.

Sylomer® and  Sylodyn®  are hydrolysis stable as well as being stable towards chemicals, diluted alkaline solutions and oils that are customarily used during machine operations or construction. Due to the mixed cellular structure, Sylomer® mats can absorb a certain amount of water. The effect of moisture on the static and dynamic stiffness can be disregarded even when in a water saturated condition. Particles of dirt do not penetrate the mat due to the fine cellular surface. Damage due to water is not possible.


  • Excellent deflection properties and dynamic performance
  • Ultra flexible PUR structure
  • Low residual deformation, excellent recovery properties
  • High ratio of closed cells
  • Minimal absorption of water
  • A material which is equally "soft" both dynamically and statically, its static and dynamic modulus of elasticity are almost identical.


  • A combination of insulation and dampening .The ideal spring-/-shock absorber combination.
  • Versatile, elastic PUR material for a wide range of applications.
  • Porous, mixed-cell structure
  • Excellent durability used in its cellular or compact form for many applications in civil engineering and machinery. In most of them, Sylomer® is used as an elastic interlayer like a spring.

All Sylomer® applications are subject to precise calculations by GRESAM’s trained technical department. With Sylomer®, we offer our customers a comprehensive package of products and engineering services:

  • Dimension proposals and variants
  • Material behavior in specific applications
  • Calculated forecast of spring deflection, natural frequency and efficiency
  • Calculation of dynamic vibration ranges
  • Construction and installation suggestions
  • Development and design of entire systems with elastic components
  • Provide customized solutions to reach very low natural frequencies based on the application requirements


1 Elastic foundations and strip bearings for machinery and equipment:

2Sylomer® has also proven effective as a passive isolation in the Construction applications: