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Acustica Integral Soundproofing


Acustica Integral Soundproofing

Decorative Absorbent Ceiling Panels

ACUSTEC-N is high-performance, mechanically resistant, self-standing mineral wool tile. They are Installed using standard support profiles. The existing ceiling tiles are easily replaced using Acustec-N panels. It will ameliorate the audibility and acoustic comfort.

Decorative Sound Absorbing Panels

ACUSTIART panels have been designed to provide almost infinite possibilities for walls and ceiling applications. Consisting of a rigid metal frame and perforated backing tray fulfilled with absorbing materials and covered with fabric. A wide range of colors are available which may be mixed to obtain an aesthetic, attractive and elegant environment.

Decorative Absorbent Acoustic Baffles

ACUSTIBAF- N40is acoustic baffles made of two Acustec-N19 panels finished with an aluminum perimeter profile. It can improve absorption response and reverberation times for all kind of premises and increase intelligibility and auditory comfort. ACUSTIBAF- Cis cylindrical acoustic baffles that ensure considerable environmental noise reduction by means of the total or partial elimination of ceiling reflection and reverberations in the location.