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Mechanical & Environmental Noise Control

Acoustic Doors

GRESAM Company provides a wide range of standard and custom made metal and timber acoustic doors for sound attenuation between rooms and spaces. These doors incorporate a sound rated Acoustic door, frame, hardware, acoustic seals in addition an acoustic vision panels can be incorporated into door leaves. Gresam Acoustic Doors are excellent for sound attenuation performance within certain environments that need a control of sound transmission through doorways and are developed for industrial as well building noise control. The airborne sound insulation ranges from Rw = 36dB up to 54 dB

A wide range of acoustic doors designed and manufactured by Acustica Integral meet all market requirements. These are accredited, high-performance, quality, robust doors. It is a professional door with exceptional acoustic insulation up to 54dB with a standard models and special requirements with a wide range of accessories. It can be installed in rehearsal chambers or rooms, radio stations, recording and dubbing studios, post production, home cinema, TV sets, rehearsal locations, music schools, generator room. In general, anywhere that requires maximum soundproofing.

Acoustic Louvers

GRESAM Company offers also a wide range of standard and custom made acoustic louvers with stylish visual appearance, in harmony with aesthetic trends in modern architecture and guaranteeing a high acoustic performance with minimal airflow restrictions. The use of optimum quality materials and advanced technology ensures high durability and resistivity to adverse conditions. Acoustic louver blades are aerodynamically designed to control break out and in noise. Our louvers are available in variety of robust, attractive finishes with variety of depths in both single and double banked version. Construction is available in galvanized, stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials. Louvers are provided with inert, weather proof, non-combustible acoustic infill.

Noise Barriers and Acoustical Blankets

GRESAM Company provides a complete portfolio of standard and custom made high performance noise barriers and acoustical blankets. Our noise barriers are designed to reduce noise emissions from equipment located indoors, outdoors, road ways, industrials and construction sites in all kinds of environments. Our industrial-grade metal noise barriers are customdesigned, free-standing single wall or two- to four-sided structures. Our metal acoustical barriers are made from a combination of environmentally friendly soundabsorbing and sound-blocking materials.

  Absorbent Acoustic Panels: ACUSTISON-50A

ACUSTISON-50A is a modular absorbent panel for acoustic absorption and treatment. It can be used in all kind of multi-use rooms both for ceilings and walls. Highly mechanically resistant modular panels with a greater durability lacquered finish with easy and rapid assembly. It is a multi-perforated panel with four different diameters to improve the absorption levels.

 Insulating and Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels: ACUSTIMODUL-80A

ACUSTIMODUL-80A panel range is used for the installation of acoustic cabins, booth and barriers for the soundproofing of all kind of machinery. It is easy and quick to assemble modular panels, thanks to the dovetail system the unit possesses greater sealing and less leaks, all of which results in greater insulation. It is used in indoor and outdoor barrier, acoustic booths, control and rest rooms, acoustic barrier for climate control and industry in general.


GRESAM Company offers a wide variety of standard and custom made attenuator types and models uniquely designed for a multitude of applications. Sound attenuators (or silencers) are used in HVAC systems to help absorb noise that is generated by fans, air moving equipment, generator room or any other industrial application Attenuators can also be used to prevent cross-over noise between rooms, such as conference rooms or adjacent offices. The Sound Attenuators are designed and engineered to achieve maximum insertion loss with minimum pressure drop.

Attenuator - KSA

SNA Acoustic Silencers

Absorbent rectangular cell silencers fitted in parallel allowing high flow levels with low energy loss. Cover, fixings and intermediate fasteners built with galvanized sheet metal. The absorbent material is incombustible inorganic fiber. The absorbent cells are covered with a protecting tissue specially designed to prevent the unraveling of fibers. It can be used in enclosures, machine rooms, air-conditioning equipment and ventilation systems.

Insulating and Damping acoustic sheet: LA

LA is aflexible, heavy bituminous compound produced with special additives which lend it the physical characteristics suited to reduce surface vibration. It can adapt to all surfaces easily. It is available in three different thicknesses and weights in accordance with the required insulation and simple to install using screws, staples or self-adhesive. Eliminates or reduces the problem of resonance frequency associated with laminated plasterboard.