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Damtec Acoustic Floor Underlay for Impact Sound Deadening

Acoustic Underlay for Impact Sound Insulation

Damtec® Acoustic Floor Underlay for Impact Sound Deadening

The most common impact sound problem with neighbors is footfall noise transferring from floor to floor in all types of buildings, since noise spreads easily, and at high speed through solid materials.

To preserve serenity, comfort, and peace in all rooms, impact noise must be controlled to low levels by means of the right elastic material whose main function is to interrupt the spread of noise.

DAMTEC® resilient impact sound insulation material for a permanent elastic disconnection from the bare floor in combination with a floating floor construction is the ideal and most efficient solution to impact noise problems.

DAMTEC® acoustic underlays vary in thickness from only 2mm up to 10mm and can be used under any floor finish.

By adapting different raw material formulations, we provide acoustic insulation products for solid and engineered parquet, laminate floors, cork flooring, resilient floor finishes such as linoleum, PVC, vinyl as well as for carpet floors. Our acoustic underlays achieve further to the footfall noise reduction, a decoupling effect under ceramic tiles and stoneware floors.

With DAMTEC®, a product line of Gummiwerk KRAIBURG RELASTEC GmbH Germany, all treatments can be customized to comply with any acoustic objectives. For every application, we can offer a different product:

Directly under Floor Covering

  • Damtec Standard: Ideal under Tiles, timbers,carpets, linoleum and PVC florrings.
  • Damtec Color: Ideal under timber floors, carpets,and PVC floorings.
  • Damtec pur: Ideal under vinyl and PVC floorings.

Under Screed/ on wood subfloors

  • Damtec Estra: Ideal for use under screed or rigid floors
  • Damtec System: ideal for use on wooden subfloors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Damtec® products are manufactured through a proprietary environment friendly process utilizing up to 100% recycled raw materials, eco-friendly, contains no CFC’s, Mercury or other hazardous substances.
  • Supplied in rolls making it easier to handle and install.
  • Outstanding impact sound deadening in residential and commercial floors.
  • May be used loose laid or for glue-down applications (glued to the subfloor and/or to the flooring above).
  • Meets and exceeds tough acoustic building requirements while only slightly adding to overall floor height. (Only 2mm in most applications)
  • Low dynamic stiffness and optimal natural frequencies /resonance frequencies.
  • Outstanding compressive strength and load-bearing performance.
  • Highest resiliency even after years of use (does not compress and reduce sound absorption)
  • Superior resistance to moisture absorption and rot degradation
  • Damtec System: ideal for use on wooden subfloors.