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Architectural Wall and Ceiling Acoustic Coverings by Texaa®


Architectural Wall and Ceiling Acoustic Coverings by Texaa®

Texaa® designs and develops acoustic fabric wall and ceiling, panels, screens, stretched fabrics and freestanding or ceiling-hung objects to improve the acoustic comfort of the places in which we live and work.

They are made from sound absorbing foam covered in a high-quality sound transparent fabric, Aeria ,exclusively patented by Texaa®, available in a range of 24 colours.


Vibrasto is our range of acoustic wall coverings, a tried and tested product designed some thirty years ago and constantly refined and perfected since.

Today it is the recognized market leader, offering faultless acoustic and technical qualities, meeting the most exacting norms and professional requirements.

Vibrasto 10 and 20

Vibrasto 10 and 20 are made from an outer layer of Aeria backed with a 10 or 20 mm layer of foam.
They not only offre exceptional sound absorption, but are sufficiently flexible to be fittered round any curve or angle. They are glued to the surface between plastic profiles.

Vibrasto 03

Vibrasto 03 is made from an outer layer of Aeria backed with 3mm thick felt and may be stretched and anchored into position over walls and ceilings. The fabric functions as a second skin, providing a trouble-free, effective means of creating sound absorbing surfaces adapted to a wide range of situations.


Our Stereo range of rigid acoustic panels and screens is designed to reduce excessive reverberation in large spaces. The rigid metal skeleton frames guarantee the strict geometric format of each element, from elegant lines and constellations to suspended acoustic ceiling clouds or sound shields and fins, for use on walls or ceilings and in open spaces.

Aeria sound absorbent materials

The range of colors are:

Texaa® products guarantee maximum acoustic performance by their combination of effective absorbent materials. Its fabrics are by nature flameretardant, without any production of droplets. The threads from which the Aeria sound transparent material is made are twisted once then twisted again to produce a higher density product.

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