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Baswaphon Seamless Acoustical Finish Systems


Baswaphon Seamless Acoustical Finish Systems

BASWAphon Acoustic System provides a seamless, smooth, sound absorbing surface in room acoustics with the appearance of painted drywall or plaster. BASWAphon, a green product, is a superior “acoustical plaster” with a very high NRC rating and a strikingly beautiful appearance.

For all architectural designs, including flat, inclined, curved, compound curved, domed or simple and double vaulted surfaces, BASWAphon creates a precise and clear acoustical experience by shorten reverberation times through its exceptional sound absorption properties.

Often, the restriction of reverberation is included in the design concept of architects (perforated panels, perforated surfaces, industrial prefabricated elements etc.). In contrast, the BASWA technology is adaptable (in its surface structure, colouring, shape), so that it can be included in esthetical concepts with no problem – BASWAphon surfaces are optically not regarded as acoustic surfaces.

Baswaphon is available in three finishes and in three different system thicknesses of 30 / 50 / 70 mm.:

BASWAphon Base

BASWAphon Fine

BASWAphon Classic

BASWAphon Technology opens new dimensions to Architects & Acousticians :

  • Excellent broadband sound absorption performance thus ,dramatically, shortening reverberation times.
  • Effective in both low frequency and medium to high frequency ranges leading to greatly increasing the sound intelligibility of a space and creating environments where sound is highly intelligible.
  • Minimal system thickness and can be combined with cooloing systems.
  • Non-inflammable (A2-s1, d0) according to DIN EN 13501-1
  • Class A fire rated interior finish meeting all the requirements of UL E-84.
  • Due to BASWAphon’s use of 95% post consumer recycled materials, no off-gassing, high light reflectance and a high R-value, BASWAphon may provide LEED Contribution Points.

Areas of Application

The BASWAphon Acoustic Seamless System’s simple ,ingenious design opens up almost unlimited application options. In addition to flat ceiling areas and wall surfaces, BASWAphon can be used on shaped and curved surfaces such as arches and domes.
The use of separation and expansion joints on such surfaces depends on the constructional and physical requirements of the substructure.


BASWAphon coatings are manufactured in any required colour. This is achieved by mixing the coatings with high quality pigments. The slightly porous surface makes it possible to produce all broken colours as well as deep, rich colours. BASWA acoustic AG offers a palette of standard colours, but additional individual colours can be mixed by our experts, on request.

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